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Thank you to all our customers for choosing us to represent you in the sale or purchase of your home. We appreciate your business and your feedback.

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Here's what our customers are saying about our Lifetime Home Care Service:

Jeff was the answer to the question, "How do we disconnect the linear fireplace from the wall." Very, very helpful at a very stressful time. Moving truck comes tomorrow. This is an invaluable service if you have skilled handymen!
~Barbara George (Broker: Stephen Tandy)

As always the service was great. Don't know what I'd do without this service.
~Elaine Martinez

This was a great service. He was very nice and professional. I'm sure I'll use this service again, and I will for sure use Coldwell Banker again!
~Donna Hendricks (Broker: Shana Rogers)

Bill did an amazing job taking care of our leaking faucets and shower. We have been 100% pleased with CB realtors and service! Thank you.
~Jeff Roberts (Broker: Laurie Davis)

Thank you Bill for having the skill and patience to figure out and fix the plumbing problem. I so appreciate the talent and professionalism! 
~Theresa Green (Broker: Jill Woods)

Bill was wonderful and did everything professionally and in a timely manner!
~Rhonda Earle (Broker: Nydrie Edwards)

Thank you, good helpers for your assistance in our time of great need. We are grateful. Your representatives were on time, understanding and efficient.
~Richard Scott (Broker: Jill Woods)

Jeff is a very friendly, personable and knowledgeable service technician. He was able to provide options to fix the issues, which he then executed with professionalism and skill, and then went above the job to address something else he found along the way. I will not hesitate to call on him again. 
~James Bennett (Broker: Nydrie Edwards) 

Jeff was professional and courteous and kept offering to do more! 
~Andy Yost (Broker: Debi Cole)

Our overall experience with Coldwell Banker Mt. West Real Estate was excellent! Nydrie Edwards was wonderful in helping us find a home and securing the home! Jeff, with the Homecare Service, was also excellent - in information and task completion! Thank you very much! 
~Steve & Rhonda Earle (Broker: Nydrie Edwards) 

Bill was efficient, knowledgeable, competent, friendly, helpful and did a great job completing all the tasks that we needed done and answered my questions. He was even very patient working around our clutter. We highly recommend him and consider him a great asset to the homecare service program. 
~Dave Hauser (Broker: Karin Conway)

Jeff and Jason did an awesome job. They were friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable. They hung my new lights and shelves in a professional manner. 
~Linda Peaslee (Broker: Christina Slivkoff) 

Jeff was great! We appreciate all his work & friendly attitude! 
~Rachael Tupica (Broker: Julene Wynn)

Jeff and Bill did a terrific job on our home. They were efficient, professional and very courteous along with being promptly on time. Thank you for this great service! 
~Marc Zegar (Broker: Rick Maurmann) 

Jeff & Bill were knowledgeable, friendly and efficient. They fixed our shower very quickly and did a great job. 
~Linda Peaslee (Broker: Christina Slivkoff)

Justin was professional and personable. He fixed a drippy faucet and a loose towel bar. What a marvelous service to provide! This is the way to establish strong customer loyalty! 
~Cheryl Falk (Broker: Virginia Queen) 

We (my daughter and I) have used your service a few times and I just had to tell you how I feel. It is a wonderful service and if we ever think of moving, it will be with your company. Thank you so much. The men who answered our call were wonderful! 
~Kathyrn Casebier

I can no longer climb ladders and do many household tasks. It is so helpful to call "Handymen" to take care of them quickly and efficiently. Great service! 
~Hilda Johnson (Broker: Christina Slivkoff)

Jeff was great! He fixed everything I needed him to. Very nice!
~Debra Zehner (Broker: Terri Judd & Laurie Davis)

Bill was wonderful! He did five different things in less than an hour - efficient, fast, knowledgeable. 
~Gloria Hill (Agent: Sam Labbe)

Quick response was very appreciated - a pleasant surprise. Jeff was very knowledgeable and solved our problem quickly and efficiently. He was very friendly and helpful. Represents Coldwell Banker Mt. West well. Outstanding customer service! 
~Fred Lewis (Broker: Dan Enos) 

Thank you, Bill was terrific! Installed new front door handle & lock, put up new entry fixture, fixed several recessed lights that were not working, fixed settings on Altura Ceiling fan so that it works like new, trimmed threshold on several doors, tightened plumbing to stop leak. 
~Barbara George & Ray Mulry (Broker: Steve Tandy) 

Jeff is always so curteous and very thorough. The service you provide helps me keep my house in top condition. I tell everyone I know to buy from Coldwell Banker Mt. West. 
~Dorothy Mason

Jeff and Justin arrived earlier than we had scheduled - which was great. Repaired our dripping shower heads quickly and efficiently. Friendly and professional. 
~Judy Bill & Ginger Whetham (Broker: Luann Galloway)

Jeff is very kind, polite, knowledgeable, patient with me. I am so thankful that we have the lifetime Home Services for as long as we own our condo. Coldwell Banker really stands up for their clients before and after the purchase of their home! Great job. 
~Cheryl Butcher (Broker: Julie Rogers)

Bill was excellent! He was respectful, thorough, and took the time to explain and answer my questions. His work was superior and he was careful to be extremely neat. Thanks! 
~Lori Nikels 

Jeff and Justin arrived when they said they would. They diagnosed the problem (faucet leak in shower) and fixed it. They checked to make sure. They were efficient, polite and friendly, and knowledgeable! 
~Elizabeth Balcom (Broker: Bud Bulgin)

Once again Jeff met our exceeded expectations! His help and competence is appreciated in so many ways. Plus he goes beyond the standard assistance and even helped to look for my wondering dog! Thanks. 
~Theresa Green

Jeff the handyman who came out was great. He knew what he was doing and did it very quickly and efficiently. This was the first time we used this service, and it was wonderful. 
~Gary Jennings (Broker: Donna Hibdon)

Jeff was very efficient and answered all my questions. He was a professional and pleasant. 
~Mary Peterson (Broker: Christina Slivkoff) 

Awesome service! Prompt, professional & very thorough. 
~Michelle Gonzales (Broker: Winnie Hannon)

Bill was fantastic!! He was able to fix things in a fraction of the time it would have taken me! Thanks for great service yet again CB! 
~E. Judd (Broker: Bud Bulgin) 

I can't believe what a great job the team does! They know a lot about all things that "go bump and not work". Thank you! 
~Ruth Gelbrich (Broker: Connie Bresee) 

Jeff was very helpful! He fixed what I needed fixed and answered my questions. He was very helpful and friendly! 
~Cathy Carson (Broker: Peter Rogers)

Jeff did a great job - he was in and out in less than 30 minutes and everything that needed his attention was done. Thanks a million! 
~Jerry Plumb Sr. (Broker: Natalie Rybakov) 

Jeff was pleasant, informative and did excellent work. He's an asset to Coldwell Banker Mountain West. I'm always happy to see him. 
~Kymm Pena (Broker: Chun Truong)

I was very pleased on both the work and the handyman. He did an excellent job in the bathroom & he said that if I find anything else, he would fix it as long as I lived in this house. Thank you for this excellent service!
~Nettalou Heard (Broker: Luann Galloway) 

Quick and efficient! Thanks! 
~David Haber (Broker: Daniel Chin) 

Jeff arrived a few minutes early, made friends with my pooch and jumped right to work. I had two leaky faucets, both fixed in a half hour. Thank you Coldwell Banker Mt. West! 
~Kelly Beringer (Broker: Bob VanDusen) 

Bill was very professional, polite and proficient. He truly believes in customer satisfaction! 
~Christine Gittins (Broker: Connie Bresee) 

Jerry was knowledgeable and efficient in performing the tasks we requested. Thank you for this service.  
~Don & Lori Luckham (Broker: Rhonda Laughlin) 

Bill was awesome and went above and beyond our requested services! 
~Laurie Hall (Broker: Christina Slivkoff) 

The handymen do an excellent job. Love this service, it has saved me countless headaches. 
~Sherry Diehl (Broker: Rhonda Laughlin) 

Jerry was efficient, careful, professional and pleasant. He got right down to the task at hand and did a perfect job. 
~Queenie Waltman (Broker: Donna Hibdon) 

He did the job fast and was very professional. 
~Ron Baune (Broker: Terri Judd) 

Jeff did a  great job. Thank you! 
~Kathy Hansor (Broker: Andrea Beyer)

I so appreciate this service - not just today's service, but every time. It's one of the pleasures of owning my home and buying it through Coldwell Banker Mountain West. 
~Sandy Wood (Broker: Terri Judd)

We were very pleased with Jerry's service, saved us a plumber call too! 
~William and Barbara Schendel (Broker: Christina Slivkoff)

Excellent service from Jeff. We felt he spend extra effort to problem solve to prevent having to hire a plumber. Very satisfied with his results. 
~Richard & Jane Moore (Broker: Hope Rogers)

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